Thanksgiving: An Attitude of Gratitude That Inspires Health

By Eric NelsonSome years ago, as I was walking through San Diego’s Balboa Park – the Spreckels organ pavilion to my back, the Museum of Art to my front – I found myself suddenly overcome by an almost overwhelming rush of gratitude that literally stopped me in my tracks. It lasted no more than 10 […]

Why Is Science More Popular Than Religion?

According to Krista Tippett, science is in the midst of a “renaissance.” “Things like the Human Genome Project and the Hubble telescope, which brought amazing images of the galaxy into our living rooms, have contributed to our sense of awe,” said Tippett, creator and host of the “On Being” radio program, during an interview with […]

Why Doctors Should Care About Their Patients’ Spirituality

Whenever he meets with a new patient, Harvey Chochinov likes to ask one important question: “What should I know about you as a person to help me take the best care of you that I can?” It’s a question every doctor should ask, says Chochinov, author of “Dignity Therapy” and Director of the Manitoba Palliative […]

Can sex and drugs provide true spiritual enlightenment

PETALUMA, CA, August 1, 2016 – Nearly 50 years ago, the psychedelic rock musical “Hair” proclaimed to the world that the proverbial “Age of Aquarius” had arrived, a time when we could all expect to see a heightened expression of peace, love, and spiritual enlightenment. “Harmony and understanding / Sympathy and trust abounding,” sang the […]